Zombie Detection System with a free zombie test

PineApp has released a free zombie test that can instantly discover whether an organization’s computer network might be an unwitting spamming machine — a “zombie” or “bot” — that can send thousands of infected spam messages to other networks—without its knowledge.

As a global provider of appliance-based solutions for email and network security, PineApp Corporation has created the free diagnostic tool—Zombie Detection System (ZDS)—to determine if a network is infected. Organizations can simply go to http://www.rbltest.com, enter the IP address and get an instant analysis.

Jacob Fox, PineApp Corp. president and CEO commented:

We are focused on helping businesses rid themselves of spamming hijackers. Most businesses are not aware that spammers are using their computers, network and storage to send spam and, in some cases, host phishing scam websites. We designed this tool to be proactive and to help reveal the hidden bots many anti-virus engines overlook on a daily basis.

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