Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks (2nd Edition)

Author: Rickford Grant
Pages: 345
Publisher: No Starch Press
ISBN: 1593271522


Many still believe that using Linux requires some advanced knowledge and that it’s far for being user friendly. With time, user friendliness has become an important part of this OS and an increasing number of users have started to investigate it.

The book I’m taking a look today is aimed at an audience of new users that wish to get things done with Ubuntu Linux. Read on to see what it offers.

About the author

Rickford Grant, author of “Linux for Non-Geeks” and “Linux Made Easy” (both No Starch Press), has been a computer operating system maniac for more than 20 years. From his earliest days with his Atari 600XL to his present Linux machines, he has been the guy at the other end of the computer help line for family, friends and colleagues.

Inside the book

The book is divided into 18 chapters in which the author guides you through a myriad of tasks such as using the command line, installing applications, working with your iPod, updating software, and much more.

The content is arranged in a logical way. You start off by getting introduced to Linux and then move on to discover how Ubuntu can be installed and how the installation can be configured to fit your needs. From that point on, it’s basically about being productive in a variety of ways.

The section of the book that’s dedicated to security is pretty slim but I expected it to be as this is a guide for completely new users that don’t come looking for in-depth security information. What you do get is a some information about firewalls and antivirus protection which will probably be enough for complete beginners.

“Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks” closes with a list of resources you can use to get more knowledge about Linux. They will serve as a valuable reference to expand on what you learn from this title.

The CD that comes with the book contains Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) and gives you an opportunity to try it out before you install it.

Final thoughts

Tackling any operating system as a neophyte may be quite challenging. Thankfully, if you’re thinking about giving Ubuntu Linux a spin, having this book on your desk will make life much easier.

The author uses a very straightforward writing style that makes the process of comprehending the material easy as pie. The entire book is arranged so that it covers all the most common tasks people use their computers for, and this should be quite enough for anyone starting off with Linux.

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