Podcast: Securing laptops at Baylor University

Jon Allen, information security officer for Baylor University, describes the project to secure laptop computers for faculty and staff members at the university.

Podcast in MP3 format: Baylor_PGP_Podcast.mp3

In addition to being perhaps the largest and most visible of our educational institutions, colleges and universities have also become large businesses. That’s why the history of IT security breaches also includes the names some of well-known universities. Because of the open nature of college campuses and the tradition of academic freedom, IT managers for these institutions face some unique challenges when it comes to protecting the data assets of the university and its staff, faculty, and students.

Jon Allen, information security officer at Baylor University, recently led the effort to implement a full disk encryption solution to secure confidential data on laptop computers. In this PGP Podcast, he explains why and how the university embarked on this project to secure faculty and staff portable computers.

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