Database security suite for Oracle Database 11g

Application Security announced that its comprehensive database security suite DbProtect will support Oracle Database 11g, now that 11g is generally available on the Microsoft Windows platform. Combined with the innovative capabilities inherent in Oracle’s 11g release, DbProtect extends the security of, and control over, an organization’s most valued asset – its data.

With this release, DbProtect will accurately discover 11g instances and test their configuration to ensure secure settings upon deployment and beyond. As a result, organizations can include Oracle 11g instances in their broader database security assessments ensuring that as they are deployed they comply with the organization’s broader security and compliance standards. DbProtect’s Oracle 11g support is based upon the work of Application Security, Inc.’s Team SHATTER which has been beta-testing Oracle 11g since its beta release.
DbProtect suite allows enterprises to extend to their databases the same methodology currently used to secure their networks and general-purpose hosts. By doing so, DbProtect secures an enterprise’s most sensitive data and bolsters compliance initiatives to protect data privacy and control access to enterprise data.
Built on the industry’s most extensive knowledge-base of database-specific vulnerabilities, DbProtect combines database discovery, vulnerability scanning, real-time activity monitoring, auditing and optional encryption. The comprehensive, integrated solution secures enterprise information assets by providing total coverage of, and real-time context for, database activity.

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