Mac Security Freeware: Confidential Data Manager and Password Storage Utility

In a series of articles on Mac security freeware I will be covering a number of newly released security tools for Mac OS X. This time I am taking a look at two confidential data storage utilities – Pastor 1.7.5 and Pocket Cache 1.3.0.

Pastor 1.7.5

Pastor is a software tool that helps you organize and store your personal data including various passwords, logins and serial numbers. As with the most of security tools that help its users in this field, Pastor interface is very easy to use and offers just a couple of options.

For each entry you can setup a specific URl address, user ID or login, password and create a specific note that describes the entry into more details.

The tool also offers a password generator that can be used for creating effective and secure passwords.

All the data stored in Pastor files is encrypted with RC4 algorithm, which provides the security level that would suite majority of home users. For more advanced usage, you should strive to more powerful encryption.

Pocket Cache 1.3.0

Pocket Cache is an extremely simple program which offers you the possibility of storing unsorted data. There isn’t a way of creating your own data brackets, so you can just write or paste data into one field. This isn’t a perfect solution for storing passwords, but can be interesting for people who want to securely store large quantities of text.

There is a function that makes possible direct printing the content from the software, but on my Tiger powered MacBook it doesn’t work – it generates errors and you cannot access your data any more.

Because of this error I surely wouldn’t recommend Pocket Cache until the bug gets fixed.

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