Qualys releases QualysGuard PCI 2.0

Qualys announced the availability of QualysGuard PCI 2.0, the second generation of its On Demand PCI Platform. It dramatically streamlines the PCI compliance process and adds new capabilities for large corporations to facilitate PCI compliance on a global scale.

QualysGuard PCI 2.0 brings a new refined user interface making it easy to navigate through the process of scanning, remediating and e-filing customers’ compliance status to multiple acquiring banks. New capabilities and customer benefits include:

  • Global Scanning: Merchants can now break out their PCI-scoped network into organizational segments to scan a select number of hosts at any given time or in parallel, thereby dramatically reducing scan time for large enterprise networks.
  • New, Real-Time Dashboard Reporting: QualysGuard PCI enables merchants to get quick access to the latest compliance summary of their entire PCI-scoped network. Merchants can now also run reports with specific, advanced search criteria, including host name, IP address and vulnerability severity.
  • Streamlined Remediation Workflow: QualysGuard PCI simplifies remediation for large enterprises with the ability to launch scans and download reports on individual hosts, allowing merchants to manage, simplify and accelerate the remediation process and achieve compliance.
  • Interactive Self Assessment Questionnaire: QualysGuard PCI now allows multiple questionnaires to be generated for separate business units. In addition, the new questionnaire process includes additional tips and easy-to-use navigation to improve the accuracy of completed questionnaires. Customers can also add comments for each question to document exceptions and clarify points directly with their acquiring bank.
  • Multiple Acquiring Bank Submissions: Merchants can now submit their annual self assessment questionnaire or quarterly network compliance executive report to up to five different acquiring banks at any one time – meeting the needs of larger enterprises that maintain different acquiring relationships.

QualysGuard PCI 2.0 is available immediately. Annual subscriptions start at $495, which includes unlimited scans for three IP addresses and 24×7 customer support.

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