Looking back at 2007’s top viruses

Viruses made up some 15 percent of the threat landscape in 2007. According to AVG global security strategist Larry Bridwell, the 10 viruses exhibiting the most staying power in 2007 are:

1. W32/Detnat
2. W32/Netsky
3. W32/Mytob
4. W32/Bagle
5. W32/MyWife
6. W32/Virut
7. W32/Zafi
8. W32/MyDoom
9. W32/Lovegate
10. W32/Bagz

Bridwell said:

The anti-virus industry has been in a transition period the past two to three years as malware has morphed from simple viruses to complex malicious website hacks that combine exploits and social engineering to scam unsuspecting users of their data.

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