Smallest form-factor data security card

Hifn announced immediate availability of the Express DS 255, the industry’s highest-performance, lowest-power and smallest form-factor data security card.  Delivering the strongest industry-standard encryption for securing data-in-transit, the Express DS 255, easily handles today’s encryption requirements and enables the next-generation network security applications.

When applied to network security applications, the Express DS 255’s accelerated performance can process SSL, IPsec and DTLS protocols at over 400K packets per second up to 2 Gbps.  Packets for multiple protocols can be intermixed at random with no degradation in performance.  A multi-protocol VPN gateway is an ideal application where the Express DS 255 can be used for both IPsec and SSL VPN connections.  The versatility built into the Express DS 255 will also support over 200K individual encryption/compression sessions in high connectivity networking applications, such as 4G wireless Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN).

The Express DS 255 offers a full suite of high-security, hardware-based, encryption algorithms. Symmetric encryption is provided using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), triple DES and ARC4.  Public Key algorithms include RSA, DH and DES.  Additionally, message authentication is handled through SHA-1, MD-5. The board also includes a high-quality hardware random number generator, which can be used for keys and nonces in a variety of security protocols. 

The high-speed data compression capability of the DS 255 is based on Hifn’s patented LZS technology, which optimizes compression throughput and compression ratio. The Express DS 255 is a production-optimized, half-height card with a PCI Express interface for compatibility with state of the art servers and appliances. Â

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