Top 10 Web hacks of 2007

From Jeremiah Grossman’s blog: The polls are closed, votes are in, and we have ten winners making up the Top Ten Web Hacks of 2007! The competition was fierce. The information security community put 80 of the newest and most innovative Web hacking techniques to the test.

Top Ten

1. XSS Vulnerabilities in Common Shockwave Flash Files
2. Universal XSS in Adobe’s Acrobat Reader Plugin
3. Firefox’s JAR: Protocol issues
4. Cross-Site Printing (Printer Spamming)
5. Hiding JS in Valid Images
6. Firefoxurl URI Handler Flaw
7. Anti-DNS Pinning ( DNS Rebinding )
8. Google GMail E-mail Hijack Technique
9. PDF XSS Can Compromise Your Machine
10. Port Scan without JavaScript

For detailed links about these security issues, as well as the “big list” of top web hacks visit Jeremiah’s blog post.

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