Weekly malware report

According to data gathered at the Infected or Not website this week, 22.86% of protected computers were infected by some type of malware. As for the most harmful codes this week, the list is headed by the Virtumonde spyware. Virtumonde has been designed to log keystrokes entered by users while they surf the Web and sporadically display adverts.

The list is completed by adware (NaviPromo, VideoAddon, etc.), designed to show ads to users through banners, pop-ups, etc. This week’s PandaLabs report also includes information about two new Trojans: Asprox.A and Romeo.C.

Asprox.A is designed to open a port on the infected computer and turn it into a proxy server. This could allow cyber-crooks to perform malicious actions (bank transfers with money coming from scams, send spam, etc.) from the infected user’s computer using its IP address.

Romeo.C is installed on computers disguised as a Windows folder. This code has been designed to create or modify several keys in the Windows Registry, which allows it to perform malicious actions such as disable the system restore feature, hide the “Start” menu “Run” option, or hide file extensions.

Finally, every time the user starts up the computer, the Trojan will display the following text: “Su PC esta infestada por un virus de ultima generaci??n” (“Your PC is infected by a latest generation virus”).


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