New single agent for endpoint security

Check Point announced Check Point Endpoint Security, a single agent for total endpoint security. It protects PCs and eliminates the need to deploy and manage multiple agents, reducing total cost of ownership.

Check Point Endpoint Security features include:
Firewall/NAC/Program Control – Protects endpoint systems by restricting both inbound and outbound traffic, ensuring that they are in a secure state before allowing access to the network and automatically enforcing policies on which programs are allowed to run on PCs.
Antivirus/Anti-spyware – Detects and removes viruses, spyware and other malware based on a combination of signatures, behavior blockers, and heuristic analysis, featuring the highest detection rates and hourly signature updates through the SmartDefense update service.
Data Security – Provides data protection on laptops, PCs, and removable media via a strong and efficient blend of full-disk encryption, access control, port management and removable media encryption.
Remote Access – Enables secure remote access to end users by encrypting and authenticating data transmitted during remote access sessions between the endpoint and corporate network.

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