Endpoint Protector 2008 addresses wireless USB security issues

The new Endpoint Protector 2008 efficiently protects PCs from data loss, data theft and other forms of data leakage.  The product allows the controlled use of USB devices, external hard drives, FireWire devices, CD/DVD-Readers/Writers and many other potentially harmful devices, with the goal of stopping malware, viruses and other unwanted data intrusions.  

Endpoint Protector 2008 also monitors and records all data transferred to and from portable storage devices.  This new feature gives IT administrators the possibility to trace all data activity regarding removable storage and endpoint devices.  This file tracing option allows the prevention of possible data breaches or of data being copied without authorization. 
In case of data deletion before or after transferring it to and from portable devices a copy of the data is stored onto a network storage server.  The information stream at the network’s endpoints is thoroughly recorded, thus supporting audits of data flow and controlling the impact of data leakage.  Furthermore, this set of features enables companies to better comply with government regulations, as well as with standards currently being discussed and pending implementation in what security responsibility, data breach management and IT governance is concerned. 
The improved administrative and reporting tool with the completely redesigned dashboard is giving a starting point to provide timely and accurate reports and analysis, meeting the reporting needs of both management and IT security staff.

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