WinMagic SecureDoc in combo with Seagate Secure disk drive technology

WinMagic announced that it is teaming with Seagate Technology to provide comprehensive, enterprise-class security for data-at-rest. The companies have agreed to unite their best-in-class technologies – WinMagic SecureDoc software and Seagate Secure disk drive technology – as a next-generation security solution for data stored on desktops, notebooks and removable media.

Seagate Secure disk drive technology is a security platform combining strong, completely automated hardware-based full disk encryption and security, with a programmatic interface that makes it easy to add other software security applications. WinMagic’s SecureDoc supports Seagate Secure hard drives to deliver robust data protection, flexibility and end-user transparency under a single, extensible management console and policy framework.

Integration of WinMagic’s SecureDoc security suite with the Seagate Secure disk drive technology will result in a complete encryption solution, offering comprehensive safeguards for data-at-rest, including:

  • Fully-transparent, “always-on’ hardware-based full-disk encryption utilizing the Seagate Secure technology
  • Secure partitioning to provide additional drive-level security solutions
  • Sector-by-sector encryption of portable media – including USB drives and CD/DVDs – with SecureDoc award-winning client software
  • Manual and automatic, policy-driven encryption for files, folders and containers
  • Single or multi-factor user authentication at pre-boot, with support for any combination of passwords, USB tokens, smartcards, biometrics, TPM and PKI
  • A secure erase and disposal capability for the decommissioning or repurposing of hard disk drives

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