Expanded OESISOK certification includes antivirus, antispyware and patch management

OPSWAT announced that OESISOK, an open industry-wide certification program that verifies the interoperability of endpoint security applications with products from market-leading technology vendors like Cisco, has expanded its program to incorporate a broader set of technologies including antivirus, antispyware and patch management.

Launched in December 2007, the OESISOK certification program gives IT administrators confidence that their endpoint security applications will work properly with network infrastructure solutions from a variety of providers. Some of the most recent members in the program include Criston with its Precision Patch Management solution, Sunbelt Software and its CounterSpy Enterprise antispyware application, and VirusBuster’s antivirus solutions.

The OESISOK certification program extends the value of OPSWAT OESIS®, an open framework for developing products that detect, assess, manage and remediate features of a wide range of endpoint security applications running on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. Cisco uses OESIS with its NAC appliance and SSL VPN.

The OESISOK Interoperability Certification Program provides endpoint security application vendors with increased branding and higher levels of security for their customers.


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