Compress and encrypt files from the Finder

Apimac released Compress Files “08, a compression tool for Mac OS X that enable Mac users to create a variety of compressed and encrypted files as well as encrypted disk images. The new release primarily adds Finder’s contextual menu support letting user access to compress and archive commands associated with files and folders.

For high security, you can use Compress Files to encrypt part of your hard disk through the use of an encrypted disk image protected with a password. You can then also email this disk image to other people who know the password. The image will show up as a volume on your desktop. When your Keychain is locked, or when you send that disk image file to another person, the image is secure. When your Keychain is unlocked, you can copy, move and delete files as you would on any normal hard disk.

New in this release are:

  • Added Contextual Menu letting user access to often-used commands associated with Finder files and folders.
  • Some changes to AS dictionary to improve compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5.2 Leopard.
  • New Reveal buttons in Log history window.
  • Added the possibility to order columns in Log History window.

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