Scalable 10 Gbps intrusion prevention solution

As enterprise networks evolve, 10 Gbps network links have become relatively low in cost and increasingly more widespread. Core network upgrades driven by data center expansions, high performance computing and high bandwidth applications like video on demand and file sharing contribute to the adoption of 10 Gbps networks. The need to inspect and remove malicious traffic at high throughput traffic points is now greater than ever. Network and security engineers realize intrusion prevention systems must be implemented not only at the WAN perimeter, but also between major network segments within core networks and in data centers.

TippingPoint announced the availability of the TippingPoint Core Controller, an in-line, network-based appliance that enables 10 Gbps of bi-directional traffic inspection by TippingPoint IPS to protect network resources, operating systems and critical applications from malicious threats.

The appliance is deployed as a “bump-in-the-wire” network element for up to three 10 Gbps network links. Traffic entering it is intelligently flow balanced to a bank of TippingPoint IPS’s where traffic inspection and enforcement are performed. Malicious and unwanted traffic is blocked and clean traffic is returned to the Core Controller for distribution to the appropriate 10 Gbps egress link, allowing organizations to economically scale security traffic inspection and enforcement.

The TippingPoint Core Controller’s Intelligent Learning Mode enables rapid deployment by analyzing network traffic on each 10 GbE segment and providing recommendations for selecting the optimal flow balancing traffic algorithms – saving valuable configuration time for network and security engineers.

Both the TippingPoint Core Controller and IPS units are centrally managed by the TippingPoint Security Management System (SMS). It enables comprehensive analysis, device inventory and health.

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