Oracle Secure Backup 10.2

Oracle announced the general availability of Oracle Secure Backup 10.2, Oracle’s high-performance tape backup solution for Oracle Databases and NAS storage devices.

This latest release of Oracle Secure Backup provides policy-based encryption at the domain, host, backup or tape level using AES128, AES192 or AES256 encryption algorithms. Oracle Secure Backup provides automated management of all encryption keys
associated with tape backups, simplifying the job of the database administrator. Encryption keys are centrally stored on the Oracle Secure Backup Administrative Server, which seamlessly manages decryption during restoration. Corporate data encryption requirements are met with user-defined key management policies including key type (random or user passphrase) and re-key schedule.

It automates tape management throughout its life cycle from creation, expiration to reuse. Existing tape storage pool concepts have been extended to include policy-based management for tape vaulting, duplication, and migration from Virtual Tape Library (VTL) to physical tape. Oracle Secure Backup automates tape management per user-defined policies, which may include duplicating tapes with the same or different retention and vaulting schedule as the original tapes, scheduling rotation (vaulting) of tapes between multiple locations.

The product is generally available today for all editions of Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Database 10g, and is licensed at $3,000 per physical tape drive. Oracle Secure Backup Express is available at no cost for protecting one database server attached to a single tape drive. Oracle Secure Backup 10.2 supports over 200 tape devices from leading vendors.

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