SSH Communications Security releases SSH Tectia 6.0

SSH Communications Security Corp. released SSH Tectia Client 6.0, SSH Tectia Server 6.0, SSH Tectia Manager 6.0, and the new, innovative SSH Tectia ConnectSecure 6.0.

Enterprises and government agencies are faced with increasing pressure from regulatory compliance mandates such as PCI DSS and SOX, as well as internal and external audits to secure their mission-critical data. SSH Tectia 6.0 is a solution for those organizations that need to secure their file transfers and data-in-transit to help achieve regulatory compliancy and meet government regulations with minimal resource overhead.

Leveraging SSH’s in-depth experience with major network security deployments and the pervasive SSH protocol, SSH Tectia ConnectSecure 6.0 works with any commercial SSH or OpenSSH server product. It includes automatic and transparent FTP to SFTP conversion, Transparent FTP Tunneling, and Transparent TCP Tunneling modules, which enable organizations to secure their business-critical data without modification to their existing network infrastructure or applications. It also includes key features to ease migration, and is available on UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms.

SSH Tectia Manager 6.0 can centrally deploy, configure, update and audit the SSH Tectia environment from a central location. Benefits of SSH Tectia version 6.0:

  • Improved SSH Tectia Client for Windows – supports transparent TCP Tunneling and automatic tunneling, in addition to the traditional Secure Shell port forwarding, making the product the ideal choice for securing virtually any TCP/IP application without modifications to applications or existing network infrastructure, saving time and valuable IT resources.
  • Ease-of-implementation – improved installation and self-configuration options, provide cost-saving fast and easy ways to replace FTP and other unsecure protocols with secure alternatives, and help meet regulatory compliance deadlines.
  • New platform support – several new platforms, including HP-UX 11i v3, have been added, further expanding SSH Tectia’s platform support to the widest of any SSH product on the market today, enabling efficient deployment in heterogeneous environments.
  • Improved performance – the fast streaming Crypticore ciphers are now supported on Intel (or compatible) based UNIX and Linux platforms, helping enterprises securely transfer large files within time-critical operating windows.
  • Improved IBM z/OS mainframe integration – several usability and performance improvements, including improved data streaming, makes SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS the ideal product for secure file transfers between mainframes and distributed system environments.

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