Top 10 countries relaying spam per capita

Sophos revealed the top ten countries relaying the most spam per capita. The top three spam-relaying countries – the United States, Russia and China – which accounted for 33.8 percent of all spam in Q4 2007, are notably absent from the chart.

The following shows the top ten countries based on spam emitted per capita:

1. The Pitcairn Islands
2. Niue
3. Tokelau
4. Anguilla
5. Faroe Islands
6. Monaco
7. Bermuda
8. Falkland Islands
9. Andorra

When the top three spam-relaying countries are considered in terms of population, the United States is in 64th position, Russia in 45th, and China plummets to 132nd.

The changing positions of other top spam-relaying countries when looking at them from a spam-per-person perspective are as follows:

  • The United Kingdom drops from 9th to 50th
  • Canada drops from 26th to 89th
  • Japan drops from 32nd to 136th
  • Australia drops from 33rd to 85th

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