Identikey Server 3.0 – new authentication solution for large enterprises

VASCO Data Security International announced today that it launches its new authentication server, Identikey Server 3.0. This authentication solution, based on VACMAN’s core technology, is the ideal solution for large enterprises and the B-2-B market, offering strong Digipass two-factor authentication for remote access to networks or web based applications. The software is designed to support the deployment, use and administration of DIGIPASS authenticators.

Identikey’s plug-and-play concept is developed for customers who want to integrate user authentication or signature validation in their custom applications. Its modular design offers centralized user management, multiplatform support and enhanced reporting features in xml or html output. All administration functions are conveniently available through a web based interface.

As a standalone application, Identikey interfaces with standard RADIUS clients and web filters, securing remote access. Additionally, Identikey Server 3.0 can be integrated seamlessly on both front- and back-end level into existing IT environments. It is a complete authentication solution supporting both Windows and Linux operating environments.

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