Book signings at RSA Conference 2008

From the RSA Conference Blog: “Our speakers and panelists are a very prolific group with many titles to their names. Each year our bookstore partner, Digital Guru, makes a major effort to stock as many of the authors participating in the Conference as possible.”

Book signings at RSA Conference this year are a definite do not miss. Here’s a short list of what you can expect:

  • Phillip Hallam-Baker, Principal Scientist, VeriSign Inc. has authored The dotCrime Manifesto: How to Stop Internet Crime. He will be at RSA Conference and speaking on two panels: DEV-107 Security Usability: The New Challenge and STA-302 Extended Validation: Raising the Bar for Internet Trust.
  • Ira Winkler’s newest book was published shortly after RSA Conference 2007, Zen and the Art of Information Security. Ira is presenting EXP-108 How to Take Down the Power Grid and is participating on the panel CONS-107 Protecting the Homeland: How to Win the Botnet Battle?
  • Billy Hoffman, HP Security Labs and Bryan Sullivan, Microsoft Corporation, recently published Ajax Security. They will be presenting HT2-303 Ajax Applications: A Blueprint for Disaster.
  • Andrew (Yehuda) Lindell, Chief Cryptographer (and Assistant Professor), Aladdin Knowledge Systems (and Bar-Ilan University, Israel) has published a new book, Introduction to Modern Cryptography. He is on three Cryptography panels: CRYP-106 Cryptographic Building Blocks, CRYP-107 Fairness in Secure Computation and CRYP-108 Message Authentication Codes.
  • Brian Chess & Jacob West, Fortify Software, have written Secure Programming with Static Analysis and are presenting EXP-401 Learn to Stop Fuzzing and Find More Bugs.

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