New release of Savant endpoint security solution

Savant Protection announced that it has released Version 2.0 of its Savant end-point security solution. The new release provides corporate security officers with a powerful tool specifically designed to address the rapid propagation of new and targeted crimeware exploits.

With 2.0, Savant provides the solution designed to fortify existing security solutions against the propagation of threats from internal misuse, external attack and unauthorized change. Savant’s passive deterrence approach presents a very small operational profile that allows its successful operation while not disrupting how traditional Anti-virus and security solutions function.

Savant’s comprehensive central management provides the scalability necessary to meet the requirements of any Windows or Linux enterprise, allowing for immediate and complete control over all Savant clients, regardless of time or location.

Ken Steinberg, President/CTO and founder of Savant Protection, Inc commented:

One of the most exciting aspects to Information Security is the innovation driven by need. We continue to push the envelope in Windows, Linux, and mobile environments. We are especially excited about announcing Intrusion Prevention for production systems and our enhancements to Compliance reporting through our Application Intelligence enterprise management interface.”


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