New product branding at Secure Computing

Secure Computing announced the launch of the Company’s new set of product brands meant to improve overall awareness of Secure Computing Corporation and the integrated solutions it offers. The new branding includes a new corporate logo and company website, simplifies and unifies the look and feel across all products and platforms and communicates important technology characteristics and values.

All Secure products now fall under a common nomenclature that emphasizes the integration done across all products and the fact that they are part of the “Secure” product family. The main product lines have been renamed as follows:

  • IronMail is now “Secure Mail”
  • Webwasher is now “Secure Web”
  • Sidewinder is now “Secure Firewall”
  • SafeWord is now “Secure SafeWord”
  • SnapGear is now “Secure SnapGear”

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