TriCipher secures access to social networks

Today, employees often use the same login information to access multiple applications. If an attacker steals one username and password, that information could be used to gain access to critical business data.

TriCipher announced the integration of popular social network sites MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo, YouTube,, Friendster and others with myOneLogin, the first Web-based service to combine strong authentication and single sign-on (SSO).

myOneLogin helps businesses implement controls that protect employees’ access to Web-based applications. As a result, companies safeguard confidential data like customer and financial information — addressing security, identity protection and compliance concerns. It streamlines password policies and compliance reporting, mitigates the risk of phishing and eliminates the need for expensive authentication hardware and software.

The secure SSO solution works with any Web-based application that supports federation standards such as Security Assertion Markup Language, OpenID or a typical username and password. New applications can be added in a matter of hours.

myOneLogin offers various levels of protection, including browser cookies, mutual authentication, certificates and mutual SSL connections.

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