Forensic watermarking of encrypted content

Cinea announced that its Running Marks technology now enables traceable, stream-specific forensic watermarking of encrypted content. The new approach allows Running Marks to embed a unique serial number into individual customer video streams, without requiring providers or system operators to expose the high-value content in an unencrypted format. The new functionality enables distributors of on-demand content in the cable, telecommunications, satellite, and video-download markets to provide a secure distribution chain that minimizes cost, time, and exposure to theft and piracy.

Content protection has become a vital element of distribution for today’s content holders and system operators, especially as premium Hollywood content is increasingly released simultaneously on DVD and video-on-demand (VOD) systems. Until now, applying a unique forensic watermark to already-encrypted (AKA pre-encrypted) content required several operations, including decryption, watermarking, and re-encryption, before being released to the VOD customer.

Cinea’s Running Marks solution for pre-encrypted on-demand content is both practical and efficient. Using a unique replacement-based architecture extends Running Marks’ watermark information to encrypted compressed content for on-demand delivery. A watermark unique to each VOD stream is embedded into the encrypted video content as it leaves the VOD server environment. This watermark aids in pinpointing vulnerable touch points in the distribution chain in the event that the copyright-protected content is compromised.

Cinea’s Running Marks replacement-based architecture offers a variety of compelling advantages, including extensive flexibility to mark compressed content anywhere during the content distribution path as well as on delivery to a home media gateway. Running Marks’ ultra-light message inserter consumes very few resources so that it can be implemented in VOD systems with little impact on the streams supported. Additionally, the watermark system can be renewed at the content ingest points with no need to update the VOD or edge servers.

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