Sony enhances lineup of security cameras

Sony is entering the megapixel marketplace with several new additions to its lineup of IP-based security network cameras. Sony’s first megapixel cameras include the SNC-DM110 Megapixel Normal mini-dome, SNC-CM120 Megapixel CS mount Day/Night, and the SNC-DM160 Megapixel Rugged Day/Night mini-dome models.

Each of the megapixel cameras will feature advanced complementary color progressive scan CCDs with Sony ExwavePRO technology. Unlike conventional progressive scan CCD imagers, this color filter technology provides increased levels of light sensitivity needed to achieve optimal performance from today’s fixed-type megapixel systems.

The units are also the first to feature Light Funnel technology, which combines image data gathered from multiple horizontally and vertically aligned pixels to provide extremely bright image output even when monitoring moving objects. This function can be activated automatically in response to surrounding light conditions or on a pre-specified time schedule.

The flagship SNC-DM110 network mini-dome camera, the SNC-DM160 mini-dome and the SNC-CM120 mount are all equipped with a 1/3-inch complementary color progressive scan imager.

The flagship model will come with a 2.8-9.5mm, 3.4x varifocal auto iris lens with minimum illumination of 0.8lux @ F1.3 and 0.2lux @ F1.3 using Light Funnel technology. It also offers Intelligent Motion Detection, a microphone input, line out and Power over Ethernet. The SNC-CM120 and SNC-DM160 models are similarly equipped.

Sony is also debuting three new intelligent units for its lineup of IP-based network security cameras. The cameras include model numbers SNC-DS60 Rugged Day/Night mini-dome, SNC-DS10 Normal mini-dome and SNC-CS20 Day/Night fixed-type.

The units enhancements include the use of the same advanced ExwavePRO technology as the megapixel cameras; one of the highest available image capture resolutions for a standard definition security camera; progressive interlaced video to optimize image capture during movement; high sensitivity imagers that operate at minimum illumination of 0.3 lux; and six gamma correction settings modes that can be preset for best possible performance depending on the environment.

This entire fourth generation of intelligent network IP-based cameras is specifically designed to meet the high-performance needs of today’s security industry, offering users unique and advanced feature sets.

The SNC-DM and SNC-DS series cameras operate on Sony’s DEPA(TM) platform, which provides users enhanced capabilities, including rules and filters, a tagged feature and utilization of metadata to analyze object movement.

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