New Trojan claims to offer erotic pictures of Scarlett Johansson

PandaLabs has detected a series of junk mails that promise erotic pictures of celebrities including Britney Spears, Rihanna or Scarlett Johansson as bait to spread the Agent.IMB Trojan. Simple as they are the emails have subjects such as “naked Shakira clip”, “Rihanna exposed” or “Scarlett Johansson spills boobs”, and include a link with the text “Download and Watch”.
If the user clicks the link, they will download a copy of the Agent.IMB Trojan to their computer. This malicious code copies itself to the system under the name “CbEvtSvc.exe” and creates a service with the same name to run whenever the system is started up.
Panda Security maintains that this type of social engineering technique is not new at all but given the number of cyber-crooks that keep using it many computer users still fall into the trap.
Malware creators tend to use the same kind of email to spread different malware strains, and so Panda predicts that junk mail with other malicious codes like downloader Trojans or banker Trojans is likely to be distributed over the next couple of days.

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