RSA 2008: Portable fingerprint reader for remote strong authentication

UPEK today launched the Eikon To Go fingerprint reader, enabling enterprises to add the security and convenience benefits of fingerprint authentication with an added layer of identity assurance provided by RSA SecurID two-factor authentication technology. The Eikon To Go is a portable USB device that allows remote employees to simply swipe their finger to access corporate network resources.

Major data breaches violating employee and customer privacy have prompted corporations to tighten endpoint and network security and legislators to mandate regulatory compliance, often at the expense of employee productivity and user experience. The Eikon To Go enables IT managers to increase security using strong, multi-factor authentication and help meet regulatory compliance, while mobile employees benefit from a more convenient method of logging into corporate networks and increased productivity.

The size of a standard USB flash drive, the Eikon To Go features a sleek design and a sliding cover that protects the fingerprint sensor and USB connector when transported. Coupled with UPEK’s Protector Suite software, users can simply swipe their finger instead of typing usernames and passwords to log into Windows, access password-protected Web sites, encrypt and decrypt files, switch users and launch favorite applications. The Eikon To Go can also securely store RSA SecurID software token seeds, available for purchase and enablement from RSA or its channel partners, to generate one-time passwords directly from within the biometric hardware.

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