RSA 2008: Count web attacks and preventions with TrendTracker

Trend Micro announced today that visitors to the company’s new online tracker will be able to see, in action, the number of email, URLs and files scanned for malicious content, and subsequently blocked by Trend Micro’s in-the-cloud Web threat protection technology. By scanning “in-the-cloud,” Trend Micro blocks access to unsafe Web sites that can automatically download malware used by cybercriminals to steal information or take control over users’ computers.

Trend Micro is also offering a 60-day free download of its new Web Protection Add-On trial intended to not only catch malware at the earliest possible point of infection (in-the-cloud), but also to provide bot-behavior analysis that helps prevent PCs from being infected with malicious software and then taken over by an attacker.

Web threats are becoming more pervasive and fuel an underground industry driven by profit-motivated cybercriminals who are striking with technologically sophisticated attacks. Thousands of malicious Web pages are discovered on a daily basis as cybercriminals hijack legitimate Web sites with malware, or redirects unsuspecting users to third-party sites that contain malware. Spam is also another extremely inexpensive way for professional spammers to steal identities, infect computers and networks, and practice deceptive marketing.

According to Trend Micro threat research (and demonstrated by the TrendTracker), spam and malware are among the highest sources of infection for Internet users. For example, the TrendTracker shows that of the billions of emails scanned by Trend Micro technology, about 95 percent of them are spam messages; and approximately 32 percent of over 12 billion files scanned contained malware.

In response to the changing threat landscape, Trend Micro provides comprehensive, multi-layered, multi-threat solutions that work together to proactively stop these Web threats — in the cloud, at the gateway, and on the endpoint. Leveraging the same protection found in its on-premise and hosted solutions, the new Trend Micro Web Protection Add-On free tool is designed to proactively intercept malicious threats at the earliest possible point of infection. This reduces dependence upon conventional pattern file downloads.

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