RSA 2008: New solution for secure internet-based file transfers

Sterling Commerce, an AT&T Inc. subsidiary, today announced the availability of Sterling Secure Proxy, a security solution for managed file transfer that sits outside a company’s firewall to protect file transfers with advanced security features such as multifactor authentication.

By enforcing tighter security controls, Sterling Secure Proxy protects companies against theft or compromise of sensitive customer data as well as proprietary, financial data and intellectual property as it moves across the Internet into an organization’s enterprise systems.

Providing perimeter security best practices, Sterling Secure Proxy enforces multiple layers of security for file transfer operations, including firewall navigation, secure socket layer (SSL) session breaks and multifactor authentication to protect against these threats. It facilitates audits by tracking the movement of files in transit, which provides a higher level of security and also helps meet compliance requirements.

Sterling Secure Proxy is part of the Sterling Commerce Managed File Transfer suite of solutions. A growing number of organizations are investing in managed file transfer products to enhance or replace file transfer protocol (FTP). Sterling Commerce Managed File Transfer is the market-leading solution for managing file transfers of any size, volume or format securely and reliably.

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