RSA 2008: First key management security solution to support SKML

Utimaco announced the availability of the first key management security solution based on the OASIS Enterprise Key Management Infrastructure (EKMI) standard and will be on view at RSA. Based on Utimaco’s SafeGuard CryptoServer hardware security module (HSM) and the StrongKey solution from StrongAuth, Inc. the new solution enables enterprises to encrypt data on a comprehensive platform-level basis.

SKSML is a protocol that would streamline key management by enabling different systems to evolve into a single EKMI. SKSML is expected to be approved as an official OASIS standard in the summer of 2008.

Utimaco’s SafeGuard CryptoServer is a FIPS-certified, tamperproof HSM. It is responsible for securely generating, storing and applying cryptographic keys and certificates during encryption and digital signature processes. StrongAuth specializes in enterprise key management, identity management and compliance management products and solution and created a higher level of protection for enterprises.

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