RSA 2008: New enterprise biometric and smart card authentication solution

IdentiPHI launched its new flagship security software, IdentiPHI SAFsolution Enterprise Edition 5. It allows organizations to improve security by replacing cumbersome passwords with biometric or smart card authentication methods. It offers broad support for enterprise platforms and security standards, enabling tight systems integration and simplified deployment.

There are a few key enhancements that SAFsolution 5 delivers to the market:

  • The industry’s most intuitive and comprehensive administration capabilities. SAFsolution 5 provides an unprecedented level of control and flexibility for administrators – simplifying the deployment and management of biometrics throughout an enterprise.
  • Customer-focused improvements in usability and convenience. SAFsolution 5 includes new features designed to upgrade the user experience and reduce administrative overhead. Last logon recall, simple drop-down logon customization, secret questions, support for Citrix and Windows remote desktops are some of the newest improvements.
  • Even greater expansion of application and device support. Not only does SAFsolution 5 deliver the broadest range of support for biometric and smart card technology in the industry today, it allows customers to select the authentication methods that best fit their needs and enables easy integration with market leading identity and access management applications.

SAFsolution 5 is currently in pilot deployments with key customers across the U.S. with deployment numbers expected to climb over 100-thousand users by the end of 2008.

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