ZombiCop for Internet Service Providers

PineApp has launched its new ZombiCop solution for ISPs to block the growing volumes of spam from zombie computers that is increasingly resilient to existing anti-virus or anti-botnet defences.

With pressure on ISPs to prevent zombie attacks emerging from their networks, PineApp ZombiCop works by filtering zombie traffic at the perimeter and classifies over 50 million IP addresses, weeding out the majority of malicious attacks. It also uses a combination of advanced methods to detect zombie behaviour patterns and threats, including an IP reputation profile engine that assesses risk and identifies likely sources of zombie emails, while providing a scalable and cost efficient infrastructure for ISPs, saving bandwidth usage and providing business continuity. With ZombiCop, unwanted communication is blocked and ISP mail-server blacklists are significantly lowered.

PineApp ZombiCop can be used as a ‘passive inspection sniffer’, alerting the ISP once a zombie is detected; or as an ‘active policy enforcer’, blocking or reducing traffic generated from a detected zombie IP. It can also be used as a ‘smart traffic analyser’, adding content inspection layers and the ability to detect other protocols, such as P2P and VoIP.

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