First security mini-computer inside a computer

Yoggie Security Systems released the world’s first laptop embedded mini-computer, designed to provide the most comprehensive Internet security.

The Gatekeeper Card Pro contains 13 security applications built directly into the miniature card. The card is inserted directly into a laptop’s ExpressCard slot, allowing transparent security wherever you connect.

The card is a full-blown computer with its own processor, memory and hardened operating system. This is the first time that an entire computer has been designed for installation inside another computer – essentially a computer within a computer – for the purpose of providing security protection.

For enterprise users or consumers, the simple plug and forget design of the Gatekeeper Card Pro does not require complex installation, configuration or ongoing management (although advanced users can alter the configuration should they wish to).

Users do not have to worry about updates as the device automatically checks for them each time it connects to the Internet and manages the entire process transparently.

Best of all, since it offloads security functionality (including updates) from the host laptop, users should experience a boost in their laptop’s performance.

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