New IBM security services for mid-sized businesses

IBM introduced several new services to help mid-sized businesses better manage risk and improve the security of their IT systems. IBM developed these services in response to recent IBM X-Force research that showed an alarming rise in organized crime attacks on smaller organizations.

According to IBM’s team of X-Force global security experts, because mid-sized companies typically lack the vast information technology (IT) resources needed to prepare for such attacks, they can often be prime targets for network attacks, data breaches and other malicious threats.  To help these clients, IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS) and its business partners are stepping up delivery of advanced security solutions designed to help smaller businesses to safeguard against criminal attacks, comply with industry standards and secure information, applications, and IT infrastructures.  The new services include:

Express Penetration Testing Services – services that uncover an organization’s vulnerabilities by simulating a real network attack and mimicking the techniques used by malicious attackers.

Express Multi-Function Security Bundle – new services that help provide the most complete do-it-yourself protection against network threats, vulnerabilities, worms, viruses, spy-ware and spam in a single Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution.

Express Managed Multi-Function Security Bundle – for clients who prefer a fully managed multi-function security solution, IBM is delivering a suite of products that provide 24/7 comprehensive protection and monitoring, as well as support a broad array of security services including: firewall, VPN, behavioural & signature antivirus, intrusion prevention security (IPS), anti-spam, and Web filtering.

Express Managed Protection Services for Server – affordable services that help provide 24/7 protection for servers from a broad array of threats as well as monitoring and management services.

IBM Express PCI Assessments – assessment for companies that accept, store or process credit card information for compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. IBM ISS is recognized as a Qualified Security Assessor, certified to complete PCI Assessments.

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