Virtualization technology enables secure wireless access

Array Networks introduced WiFiProtect, an identity-based access control solution for WLAN networks. WiFiProtect’s virtualization technology automatically funnels all WLAN traffic through a scalable gateway that enables enterprises to provide customized wireless access. By using standard browsers present on virtually every client device, it eliminates the need for IT intervention or a pre-installed client every time a user requires wireless access.

WiFiProtect places employees, partners and guests on fully separate virtual networks tailored to their individual requirements. For example, an employee will require access to critical internal documents and applications but need only limited Internet access. A guest, on the other hand, will be totally restricted from accessing a company’s internal resources, but can enjoy unlimited access to the Internet.

Before any access is granted, WiFiProtect requires trusted employees to vouch for guests, establishing a chain of accountability for all WLAN activity. All management is centralized on a single Array device deployed in the data center, thereby minimizing maintenance and reducing overall costs.

End-point security ensures client devices do not pose a threat, and virtualization with application level access controls give IT the ability to support, separate and define access rights for multiple user classes. Encryption can be enabled for most users, while not requiring it for guest users – but all users are fully managed under the framework of authentication, authorization and auditing.

WLAN security measures on the Array platform do not overlap, interact or interfere in any way with WLAN infrastructure, and are vendor and protocol agnostic.

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