Enterprises move to the next level in security needs

Enterprises in Asia have long gone beyond appreciating the role of security in integrating technology with their businesses. Today, they have matured to the next crucial stage in making the union between the business and IT work by aligning their security strategy with their business strategy.

It is clear that organizations are investing more on IT security. A recent survey by Frost & Sullivan revealed that the number of information security experts is set to increase by 1.04 million before 2012, reaching 2.7 million globally. Budgets for security solutions have also increased, with 27 percent of respondents reporting a rise in spending.

As the role of security becomes evermore pronounced, businesses have also begun to accept that it’s more than just a simple purchase-and-deploy and that “one size does not fit all.’

As enterprises continue to juggle the best fit model, the inevitable exposure has spurred interest among organizations to understand the actual implications of secure technology and begs greater attention on how businesses can be better served through technology.

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