McAfee to launch a secure search service

With declining consumer confidence in Internet safety, McAfee announced new services that will create a more secure Internet experience. McAfee Secure Search Service, to be launched this summer, will deliver a safe online search experiences by eliminating risky sites from search results. It combines rigorous security testing, business practice review, PCI compliance certification, and ongoing vulnerability evaluation for Web site owners and online retailers. Web sites that pass the certification process will be able to display a McAfee Secure trust mark, giving consumers and businesses confidence about transacting online.

With almost eight billion risky sites served in search results every month across major search engines, using McAfee Secure Search consumers will now be able to avoid malicious sites that take advantage of security holes in the browser, downloads that contain spyware, viruses, adware, phishing sites that attempt to trick users into giving critical personal and financial information, etc.

McAfee is also launching McAfee Secure for Web Sites. Designed to build trust for proven, secure Web sites, it will ensure that safe Web sites can distinguish themselves from sites that are unsecure, or have not been tested. The three-pronged service combines PCI compliance, rigorous testing and daily scanning, and the McAfee Secure trust mark.

The new service will test Web sites daily for vulnerabilities, dangerous content and links that expose consumers’ computer and personal information to malicious use. Certified Web sites will be able to display a new McAfee Secure trust mark, as part of the service, to identify their security to Internet users. Additionally, McAfee Secure Web sites will also be identified in McAfee SiteAdvisor ratings to help millions of consumers choose secure sites in search results from all major search providers.

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