Sendio introduces upgraded I.C.E. Box

Sendio has launched a new-and-improved version of its I.C.E. Box, a stand-alone email security appliance that controls both the inbound and outbound flow of email messages.

The upgraded version includes new services and user features, enhancements to existing features, and a number of performance improvements, including:

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)
In simple terms, DKIM is an anti-spoofing technology. The I.C.E. Box now provides complete message signing on outbound messaging and validation for inbound messages, without adding any processing load to the email server. Administrators can set email message acceptance policy based on DKIM.

English/Spanish Sender Address Verification (SAV)
Administrators can choose, down to the account level, to use Spanish language SAV templates. Templates are available in English, English/Spanish, Spanish/English, and Spanish. Other languages are also being added as Sendio increases its global reach.

Queue Summary
In lieu of having users log into the I.C.E. Box user interface to check their pending queue, Administrators can enable the sending of queue summary email messages to the users which list the current contents of their pending queues.

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