Secure online shopping and banking with virtualized browsing

Check Point announced the general availability of ZoneAlarm ForceField, virtualized browser security solution enabling consumers to bank and shop online, or surf the Internet without fear or limitation. Virtualized browsing places an impenetrable two-way “bubble of security” around the browser, preventing drive-by downloads, unwanted malware and other Web threats from damaging users’ PCs or from stealing users’ private information.

The virtualization technology in ForceField forms a “bubble of security” around the Web browser so that all unknown or unwanted changes from these silent installs, or drive-by downloads, are made to a virtualized file system and disappear completely once the user is finished surfing. ForceField’s virtualization offers additional security by protecting the browser session from any malware that might be on the PC.

Built from the ground-up specifically to fight the emerging classes of browser-based “super attacks,” ZoneAlarm ForceField includes additional security layers that augment its virtualization capability. These active security layers provide critical protections making ZoneAlarm ForceField the only comprehensive browser security solution on the market. ForceField also includes an optional “Privacy Mode” that erases all personal information from the local PC after a Web browsing session to further protect consumer privacy. Features include:

  • Two-way virtualization stops drive-by, malicious downloads from infecting the PC
  • Anti-phishing – powerful best-of-breed signature and heuristic methods providing the most comprehensive fraud protection
  • Spyware site blocking – prevents users from accidentally visiting known spyware distribution sites
  • Site rating – provides important security information about any site
  • Dangerous download protection – scans downloads and alerts user of danger
  • Keylogger and screen grabber jamming – prevents spyware already on the PC from seeing what the user does online
  • Temporary file encryption & memory scan – secures local Web files from spyware, protects the session
  • Private browser mode – keeps user’s personal information private and secure

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