Simple two-factor authentication for full disk encryption

Gemalto and McAfee announced a new integrated solution that enables PC and laptop users secure and convenient access to fully encrypted disks through strong, secure, hardware-based, two factor authentication. Both the Gemalto .NET smart card and their Smart Enterprise Guardian (SEG) digital security device have been tested and validated for compatibility with the McAfee Endpoint Encryption solution and McAfee Total Protection for Data. Now users of these McAfee products can leverage Gemalto smart cards and security tokens to authenticate themselves to their encrypted devices.

McAfee Endpoint Encryption includes full disk encryption to ensure security of information stored on desktops, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. The encryption is transparent to the user and performed “on the fly” so it does not affect user productivity. Security administrators can set a system to prompt for authentication before it even starts booting to protect against possible attacks on the operating system, or just before it is finished booting. Users must insert their Gemalto digital security device and enter a passphrase or PIN before being authorized to access the system data. This procedure provides the highest levels of security that only two-factor authentication can provide.

In addition, management of McAfee Endpoint Encryption can be centralized, enabling demonstration of compliance with data privacy legislation as well as internal and external security mandates.

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