System that delivers over 9 million encryptions per second

Protegrity announced new cryptography performance of over 6 million decryptions and over 9 million encryptions per second, enabling customers to maximize data protection while minimizing impact on business operations.

The Protegrity Defiance Data Protection System uses Teradata User Defined Functions (UDFs) to embed encryption/decryption functionality in the database. Teradata’s high performance UDF implementation and parallel architecture provides highly efficient execution, and then scales that performance linearly as the system grows in size.

The test included the Defiance Data Protection System utilizing industry standard strong Advanced Encryption Standard and Teradata 12 on a six-node (12 Intel Xeon processors) Teradata 5550 Platform.

Since 2004, Protegrity and Teradata have collaborated on enterprise-level data encryption and management. In June 2005, the companies announced a global partnership to deliver database security for Teradata customers.

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