Secure remote access for Apple iPhone from Check Point

Check Point announced Check Point VPN-1 support for the Apple iPhone, allowing secure remote access to corporate network systems. Check Point VPN-1 enables an encrypted connection between the iPhone and VPN-1 gateway, protecting in-transit data.

When deploying any device for corporate use, IT faces the challenge of safeguarding the traffic in and out of the private network. Check Point VPN-1 supports the L2TP client embedded in all current and future iPhone versions, giving customers immediate IPsec VPN access to corporate servers. Customers can send and receive email and utilize company resources, including internal Web portals, file servers and IP-based corporate applications, without the need for additional software on the iPhone.

With VPN-1 administrators can take advantage of a shared secret password and certificates for all iPhones on the network with specific login credentials for each end user. The feature eliminates the need for IT to create separate gateway authentication keys for each device, easing the deployment of iPhones on the network. Check Point VPN-1 support for the iPhone provides customers with the ability to utilize IP-based encryption for transmitting sensitive and private corporate data.

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