New SecureZIP brings public key cryptography to everday users

According to its developers, new SecureZIP for Windows Desktop version 12.1 revolutionizes public key cryptography by making it available to and easily used by businesses and consumers, novices or power users.

SecureZIP v12.1 automatically installs an X.509 digital certificate and provides global directory services so files can be securely exchanged with others without requiring passwords. When a user sends an email and attachment, SecureZIP retrieves the public key of the recipient from the SecureZIP Global Directory and encrypts the information using that key. The recipient can then open the encrypted file using their private key.

In addition, the new release fully integrates with Microsoft Office and email applications, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, making Microsoft Office a secure application.

SecureZIP for Windows Enterprise Edition provides contingency key functionality so businesses can access and recover files encrypted by employees. SecureZIP for Windows Standard Edition is available starting at $39.95 for commercial users and is offered at no cost to non-commercial users.

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