MACsec embedded security solutions

Increased employee mobility and growing inter-dependencies between suppliers and partners coupled with the emergence of several data security regulations such as PCI, HIPPA, and Sarbanes Oxley have solidified the demand for securing network communications.

IPsec and SSL VPNs are ideal security solutions for addressing the remote access demands associated with mobile networking. The emergence of high-speed LAN and MAN networks have driven the demand for security solutions that support high-performance, low latency, and simple key management functions while addressing compliance requirements.

The IEEE is in the process of publishing a set of security protocols which specify how all, or part of a LAN/MAN networks can be transparently secured. This set of security protocols, generally referred to as MACsec, is designed to provide connectionless user data confidentiality, frame data integrity, and data origin authenticity.

SafeNet introduced the world’s first complete portfolio of MACsec embedded security solutions for protecting LAN and Metro Ethernet communications at the link-layer. SafeNet’s QuickSec/MACsec Security Toolkit and family of SafeXcel IP MACsec Security Engines provide networking equipment manufacturers, network-attached device manufacturers, and semiconductor vendors building MACsec (MAC Security) compliant systems with an easy-to-integrate, future-proof security solution that reduces development cost and time to market.

SafeNet’s QuickSec/MACsec and family of SafeXcel IP MACsec Security Engines have been designed to provide networking device manufacturers that build switches, bridges, and routers for Layer 2 LAN and Metro Ethernet communications with a fully integrated, standards-compliant software/hardware hybrid security solution performing at speeds in excess of 40 Gbps. When built into the same platform, this hardware/software solution provides a complete, 802.1AE and 802.1 X-REV compliant, easy-to-integrate securities offering which ensures auditable compliance while reducing development cost and time to market.

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