Drive Backup: File-level backup and easy system restore

Paragon released Drive Backup 9.0 which provides home PC and home office users with a new approach to file-level backup along with a powerful system restore functionality. Two versions of the new Drive Backup 9.0 are available: Personal, which includes file backup, entire PC backup and powerful recovery tools; and Professional, which is targeted to more advanced users.

Drive Backup 9.0 features maximum ease-of-use and adds new functionalities, including an innovative file-level protection system that allows users to protect all files, including emails, Outlook files, photos, music, videos, spreadsheets and other documents from damage through the creation of a backup copy. The software utilizes a file-level protection system that allows the product to backup open and “in-use” files, creating a comprehensive backup system which combines the benefits of both disk-snapshot-based and file-based backup approaches.

Drive Backup 9.0 gives users the ability to create a bootable USB Flash drive with the Paragon Recovery Environment. Users can place a USB Flash drive in the Paragon Linux/Dos Recovery Environment, and a set of additional recovery tools for fixing boot problems and extracting files becomes instantly available.

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