Free e-book: “Scared Safe: Life’s Little Identity Theft Prevention Handbook”

E-Book entitled “SCARED SAFE: Life’s Little Identity Theft Prevention Handbook” by Todd Feinman, is available for free download beginning today for anyone who wishes to arm themselves with a general understanding of the issues, and answers to questions they did not even know to ask. The handbook aims to educate consumers about basics that they need to know to avoid becoming victims of the dire and ever-growing threat of electronic identity theft.

The 52-page E-book covers a host of the most common identity theft threats and explains in easy-to-understand language what you can do to protect yourself. Identity theft expert Todd Feinman said he compiled the E-book to give consumers an understanding of how to protect themselves based on the thousands of questions his company has received since they began selling their Identity Finder software.

“SCARED SAFE” chapters include “Peer-to-Peer File Sharing,” “Viruses and Worms,” “Spyware,” “Bots and Trojans,” “Phishing,” “Receipts,” “Retiring a Computer,” and more. Each chapter illustrates threats with screenshots and recommends “How to Protect Yourself” from that particular threat. There’s even a screenshot of an actual illegal website displaying stolen bank account logins that hackers can purchase showing the amount of money in each account.

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