10 Gig threat management system protects critical IP services

Arbor Networks announced a 10 Gig DDoS detection and mitigation system that enables application-layer attack protection. The Threat Management System 3100 (TMS) delivers deep packet inspection of more than 80 critical IP services and applications running on the network, such as DNS, HTTP, VoIP, IM and P2P, while also delivering application-layer attack detection, surgical mitigation and reporting.

By tightly integrating TMS into the Peakflow SP platform (“Peakflow SP”), Arbor Networks delivers a solution that combines network-wide anomaly detection and traffic engineering with carrier-class threat management that automatically detects and surgically removes only attack traffic while maintaining legitimate business traffic. Additionally, TMS complements Peakflow SP’s other mitigation techniques, including fingerprint sharing, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) black-hole routing, BGP flow-spec and support for other mitigation technologies.

The Peakflow SP platform offers an industry-unique combination of macro-level (IP flow) and micro-level (deep packet inspection) analysis to address all network security threats.

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