High-availability IP SAN with encryption

StoneFly today introduced SAN-based encryption capabilities that give enterprise customers another layer of protection in combating damaging internal and external security breaches while also simplifying compliance initiatives. Now available as an integrated part of the StoneFly Integrated Storage Concentrator (ISC) line of high-availability IP SANs, the new SAN-based encryption will also be offered with other StoneFly IP SANs later this year.

According to a recently published Verizon Business study of hundreds of corporate data breach incidents, most security intrusions were perpetrated by external sources, but breaches attributed to insiders showed far greater consequences.

The encrypted StoneFly ISC is ideal for organizations with multiple servers using host-based encryption or multiple database servers holding sensitive data that can be consolidated on the SAN. IP SAN-based encryption can also simplify efforts to support compliance regulations for HIPAA and the SEC. In addition, it is recommended for protecting video surveillance footage in high-security locations.

StoneFly’s ISC is a cost-effective IP SAN designed for small offices, remote sites, branch offices and first-time IP SAN deployments. With RAID protection and redundant components, the ISC offers an ideal platform for storage consolidation, virtual server storage, disaster recovery, and disk-based backups. ISCs are available in four configurations with 4, 8, 16, or 24 SATA drives or Transaction Edition Disk (TED) disk drives for up to 24TB in one system.

Now available, StoneFly SAN encryption is offered at an add-on cost of $2,500 per ISC IP SAN system.

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