APSolute Immunity provides networks with ability to fight emerging threats

Radware introduced its APSolute Immunity security initiative, a new strategic approach that maintains business continuity by protecting the applications infrastructure against existing and emerging network based threats that cannot be detected by traditional IPS such as: application misuse threats, SSL attacks and VoIP service mis-use.

Radware’s APSolute Immunity strategy reflects the human immune system’s ability to combat a myriad of known and unknown diseases, often without the need of vaccinations, by providing “immunity” against known and unknown vulnerabilities that seek to compromise the health of the application infrastructure.

This is vital in ensuring real-time protection against many of today’s targeted financially motivated attacks that require more than simple, signature-based detection — including non-vulnerability based threats that misappropriate the use of an application without exploiting any software flaw in its design. Examples of such threats include phishing, brute force, network and application flooding as well as network and application scanning. These threats behave like legitimate user transactions and cannot be detected through a standard signature-based IPS.

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